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Posted on 08/02/2021
Should I Turn My House into a Short-Term Rental
Photo by Arek Socha via Pixabay In a bid to afford homes in high-value areas, many homeowners turn to income from short-term rentals to cover a high mortgage payment. You can benefit from this option with some caveats: Location really matters. A lot. You might advertise your home as near the coast when it’s really 20 miles inland...
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Posted on 07/26/2021
Protecting Your Windows During Hurricane Watches
Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash While the hurricane season may still be a couple of seasons away, now is a great time to start thinking about how best to protect your home in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or similar high wind storm situation. During high wind situations, windows can easily become broken as a result...
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Posted on 07/25/2021
Billerica, MA Real Estate Market Update 7/25/2021
Click here to view Billerica, MA blog post which has information on the constantly changing market...
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Posted on 07/19/2021
Kitchen Renovations Add Style and Value to Your Home
Photo by Solomon Rodgers via Pixabay When you've been in the same home for a while, it is common to get an itch to switch things up a little bit. For many homeowners, this means renovating the kitchen. Renovation is a great way to not only add a little bit of style but also increase the value of...
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Posted on 07/17/2021
Another Property Sold - 106 Appleton St, Haverhill, MA 01832
Great location offers easy highway access and close proximity to NH state line. Whether starting out or downsizing, this single level home is move-in ready. Property was renovated in 2016 - all stainless-steel appliances, washer & dryer and chest freezer included. Hickory wood flooring and plenty of closet space throughout. The unfinished walk-up attic has a subfloor and is great for additional storage. Large corner lot - structure is located on lot 228, includes lots 229 and...
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Posted on 07/14/2021
Boston, MA Real Estate Market Update 7/14/2021
Click here to view Boston, MA blog post which has information on the constantly changing market...
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Posted on 07/13/2021
Make Your Own Garden Pond With This Simple Guide
If you want to add a pond or water feature to your yard, it might surprise you at how simple the process is. With some basic tools and only a few materials, you can make a tranquil custom water feature to add dimension and style to your outdoor space. Here we’ll go through the steps to make your...
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